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Look mum no hands! Cafe- Bar-Workshop in London / Mira mama, sin manos! Café-bar-taller en Londres.

Look mum no hands! Cafe- Bar-Workshop in London.

Mira mama, sin manos! Café-bar-taller en Londres.

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In the not so distant future we, commuter-cyclists, are going to conquer the cities. Consider yourself warned. No matter how hard politicians try to make it, or how many cyclist paths they’ll erase or forget to build… Because if yesterday and after all my “sermons” I got my father on his own initiative to cycle to the groceries store, I believe we can convince anyone.

The bicycle is the best form of transportation to save money, time from the gym and help pollute less. Besides, considering that I’m writing from London, where the monthly travel pass costs over 100 pounds and about 30 the weekly one, we are talking about much savings. However in this city, in every pedal stroke you run the risk of being slain in the rearview mirror of a double-decker bus, or of being hit by a hostile taxi driver… It’s therefore not surprising that…

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